Marvellous Plum Tree

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He_QuFei 何去非

HE QUFEI 何去非 (楚河)
HE QUFEI was born in 1927 at Ningbo City, China, he participated in the preparation of Hubei Artists Association and the office in 1957. His artworks have received different varieties of prizes, gold award of excellence for exhibitions in the domestic and international scene. In 2001 his work of “the Yangtze River trackers ” achieved another gold medal. In 2010 he exhibited his work at the museum in Wu Han.

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Marvellous Plum Tree 梅诵

Painter: HE QUFEI 何去非 (楚河)
Born: 1927
Painted year: 1995
Original Chinese water color art work: 160 x 67 cm
Size of picture: 186 x 80 cm
OZmarkets, Marvelous Plum Tree 1995 He Qufei. 梅诵 - 何去非

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