1990 Chinese original hand painting – Love is patient and kind[周韶华]

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Zhou Shao Hua 周韶华

Zhou Shao Hua 周韶华
Zhou Shao Hua was born in 1929 at Shandong, China. He has held over 80 exhibitions and published 20 art collections. In 2008, he received the award of “Lifetime Achievement artiest title”. In 2012, he was the Chinese person of the year. He is a unique artist who has invented a style all his own.

More information about Zhou Shao Hua 周韶华 from Baidu and his artworks from official website.

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Love is patient and kind 爱是恒久忍耐又有恩慈

Painter: Zhou Shao Hua 周韶华
Born: 1929
Painted year: 1990
Original Chinese watercolour artwork: 69 x 69 cm
Size of picture: 84 x 75 cm

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